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          Yongkun Motor Manufacturer share with you how to choose a reduction machine?

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          Yongkun Motor Manufacturer share with you how to choose a reduction machine?

          Yongkun Motor Manufacturer share with you how to choose a reduction machine? It is well known that a machine is usually consisting of three parts: engine, transmission and workforce. In addition to these, the machine will need to control system, lubrication, lighting, etc., according to the requirements of the operation, and auxiliary system. The mechanical transmission is defined as an intermediate device that transmits mechanical energy from the engine to the working machine.

          Today, Yongkun Motor manufacturers should share is to make sugar compulsors, and their sugar press is mainly composed of motors, gearboxes, transmission hosts (press), and hydraulic systems. The main purpose of our Yongkun reducer is to transmit motor power to the presser foot, and the torque and speed required to meet the presser foot by slow down ratio. Sugar-specific hard tooth surface parallel shaft gearbox adopts power shunt structure, which has the characteristics of compact structure, large carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, long service life, good reliability. The sugar cane press drive generally also uses a gear reducer that is to increase the output torque of the motor to reduce the speed to meet the requirements of the sugar cane crusher.
          Therefore, Yongkun Motor Factory also summarizes the special reducer of sugar cane crusher and has the following characteristics compared to the general reducer:

          1, continuous operation, strong impact load, maximum short-term load can be 50% larger than normal load. It is a typical low-speed heavy load gearbox.

          2, seasonal season, every year in winter and spring, 120 ~ 150 days, must complete the full-year sugar cane press production task.

          3, large size, heavy weight, high cost, long production and installation period, difficulty in production and maintenance.

          Through our summary of its characteristics, customers successfully select the speed reducer that adapt their own equipment under our suggestions, which can ensure that the speed reducer does not malfunction in the case of long-term continuous operation and full load.
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