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          Common problem

          Compared with stepping motor, the speed of decelerating motor is slow and the torque is large

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          Compared with stepping motor, the speed of decelerating motor is slow and the torque is large

          The reduction motor is composed of reducer (Gearbox) + motor. The motor provides high-speed speed speed, but the torque is very small and the inertia is large. The function of the reducer is to reduce the speed, improve the torque and reduce the inertia to reach the ideal speed and torque. For example, the common electric rolling gate and electric curtain adopt the reduction motor, which has slow speed and large torque.

          Step motor is a kind of open-loop control element step motor which transforms electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. In the case of no overload, the rotation speed and stop position of the motor only depend on the frequency and number of pulses of the pulse signal, and are not affected by the load change. When the step driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the step motor to rotate a fixed angle according to the set direction, which is called "step angle". Its rotation is run step by step at a fixed angle. The angular displacement can be controlled by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; at the same time, the speed and acceleration of motor rotation can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation.

          The stepping motor can be controlled at a fixed distance, a fixed speed and a fixed time (how much distance you want to walk and how fast you want to turn); for example, when the workbench is running for 1 meter, the speed can be set freely, such as the speed of 500r / min. the common application cases are the stepping motor of the workbench of the milling machine. But the torque of stepping motor is small.

          If it is a three-phase asynchronous deceleration motor, it decelerates through the gearbox, but the speed is not easy to adjust. It needs to be adjusted by the frequency converter. Moreover, it can't say how much I want to travel. If it wants to realize the function of the stepping motor (fixed distance speed regulation), it needs to be used with the frequency converter and the coder

          In addition, the torque of the reduction motor is large, and the torque of the stepper motor is generally not large, but the torque of the stepper motor plus the reducer can be increased.

          It can be seen that different types of motors, reduction motor functions, characteristics are different. We should make rational use of it after distinguishing clearly. Welcome to the official website of Yongkun decelerator www.girlboyday.com

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