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          NCH series gear motor for solid wood machinery industry

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          NCH series gear motor for solid wood machinery industry

          The brand excellent solid wood machinery comes from the professional NCH series gear reducer motor
          For example, Foshan hengjieda's solid wood machinery: four sided planer series, double-sided planer series, single saw series and multi saw series are all equipped with NCH series gear motor of Taiwan Yongkun brand. The advantages of using our gear motor are as follows:
          1: Each spindle of solid wood machine is driven by an independent Yongkun gear reducer motor with strong cutting force;
          2: The spindle is adjusted in the front, easy to operate; hard chrome plated worktable, durable;
          3: Multiple sets of lower driving rollers to improve feeding efficiency;
          4: Pneumatic pressing feeding wheel can adjust the pressing force in sections, which is beneficial to the smooth feeding of wood with different thickness;
          5: The design of the whole machine parts is heavy and solid, which can keep high precision, high stability and high reliability;
          6: The fully sealed safety protection cover can effectively avoid flying wood chips and isolate noise, and play a role of safety protection.
          If you also produce solid wood machinery, if you also hope that your mechanical products have the above advantages, hurry to use NCV series gear motor!
          NCH series gear reducer motor is a horizontal mounted reducer motor integrating motor and reducer. In addition, according to the mechanical installation mode, NCV series vertical foot mounted gear reducer motor can also be selected. Yongkun motor, a famous brand in Taiwan, has an output power 30% higher than that of its domestic counterparts. Hotline: 400-0966-850 / 13326768788


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